Since using the Ormus toothpaste my gums have stopped hurting and bleeding.

It is amazing!

Diana Love 

Hi William,

I can only speak for your ORMUS Toothpaste as that is the only product I've ordered.  However, I can say that your TripleMint toothpaste is outstanding.  I've had a long history of tooth decay.  I was put on high strength precription fluoride toothpaste for several years and, while it did help somewhat with the tendency toward cavities, my hygienist said that my teeth were weak and the fluoride compound stained my teeth.  Also, it did not entirely stop the decay.

Now that I've been using your toothpaste, I haven't had any new cavities in six months and my hygienist says that my teeth are getting stronger.  She finds this "very interesting".

This is an amazing product, a non-toxic toothpaste that strengthens my teeth, prevents decay and does not cause stains.  I have only one complaint, that I did not find your toothpaste sooner.  Many thanks for a truly outstanding product.


From: Ron

Date: February 25, 2013 5:43:40 PM PST
Re:OrmusTech products

I think they are GREAT! And my fiancé asked me the other day if I had been using whitener on my teeth? I said of course! Your ORMUS toothpaste/whitener!!


P.S. This tube of toothpaste is for her!! She keeps hogging mine!

I must admit.

The toothpaste, i have order long ago as a sample in one of those alchemy samples,was the best toothpaste i ever tried.

I remember all my life straggling with toothpastes. none was good for me. They all were giving me a vomiting feeling every morning. I used to hate them. their texture their smell their taste. I have tried during the years all kinds of them.

"Healthy" and unhealthy ones, natural ones, with or without a smell or taste. Always the same.  The last years I used toothpaste ones or twice the week and the rest of the days and times I used just salt. It was the most comforting.

Bill's OrmusTech toothpaste made the difference. I loved it. I don't know how is the new version since  I haven't tried it yet. Sounds promising. I will definitely try it when my finances allow me to do some new ormus order.

Kind regards to all.

Liberate and celebrate


Ill back that up!

Works really well and feels very much like a cleaning session at the dentist!

Mathias B

Its kinda hard to improve a product when it is already perfect. The first time my wife and I used it we were sold.  Teeth felt like we had been to a dentist for one of those tooth cleaning sessions. a very satisfied customer.


My husband and I have been using William Bull's Ormus Toothpaste and  when my husband started using it he was amazed how much it helped his teeth, he  had alot of bleeding from his gums and now he has very little, the toothpaste is  great for making your teeth white and healing the gums!

You might want to try some!  Take care, with love, light, and an Ormus amount of gratitude.

Estella Rodriguez
(831) 641-9180

My teeth are already dancingly dazzling and thank you.

Mary Helen Ferris

Edmonton Canada

Dear Billy

Wow your tooth paste certainly cleans really nice. Thank you so much!

It is definitely better than the name brand I have been using.  I really think you got a winner of a product just from a cleaning point of view.  What does the ormus do for the gums or enamel ?  If it has a good quality you need to promote it to make it stand out as something truly innovative.

What I find with most natural tooth pastes is they have a tendency to be overly abrasive and wear away your enamel. Yours seems to be perfect!

I think that you are headed in a good direction. You need a product line like Burt's Bee's: Shampoo, lotions, lip balm and such.

Give me a call, I would love to see you.

Thanks Again,

Vasili Varalas
Sierra Madre, Ca

Dear William,

I just received my Ormus sampler from Sharon. I tried your toothpaste first, and I am very excited.  My teeth never felt cleaner.

I will be ordering some more of the toothpaste within the next week.

Mary Juanita Lopez

Hi William,

Ormus Tech toothpaste is the bomb!

Totally natural & it whitens teeth like no other product!

Iz Mi

Silverlake, California

Hi William

I got the toothpaste today.

Thank you!  It's the best I've ever brushed my teeth with.  It does some serious cleaning, never felt cleaner in my mouth before!  I'm satisfied, and this replaces my last toothpaste.

Thanks for ultra-fast delivery!


Svein Daniel Solvenus

Dear William,

Just wanted to give you some feedback about the toothpaste I ordered from you.


First off, thanks for getting it to me so quick. I really like it. It leaves a very clean and refreshed feeling in my teeth/mouth, and seems to whiten the teeth a bit too. I am hoping that it may help with my tendency of developing cavities... that would be great. Thanks again!  Will definitely re-order when my first bottle runs out:)

Andrew Macfarlane MS, L.Ac
Classical Acupuncturist
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania


I love your ORMUS. It has character and sparkle. It really makes me feel good. I'm loving your toothpaste as well.  It is a really great product.

I wish you oodles of success and satisfaction.


Sharon Rose
El Sobrante, California
510-529-9027 (9-5 daily, Pacific time)

Thank you William,

I look forward to receiving the toothpaste. I really enjoy using it. Great taste and feels healthy too.

Guy Boutin
Swadeshi Leatherworks

Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2015 11:11:54

Subject: RE: WhiteGold: Ormus Toothpaste
From: Maxine Downs

I just wanted to chime in giving my "two cents" about William's toothpaste.  I want to start off by saying, I take especially good care of and have great teeth.  I'm also open to trying new things.

When the discussion came up about ORMUS toothpaste (already enjoy taking Ormus), I figured the toothpaste would be an added benefit.  Overall, I simply like how clean it makes my mouth/ teeth feel. 

Last week, I went for my 6 month checkup/cleaning.  The hygienist usually comments on the coffee stains on my teeth and gives a gentle scolding. However, this visit she and the dentist said my mouth looked terrific (before the cleaning).  The light removal of tartar/polishing, I was in and out of the chair in about 15-20 minutes.

We were all amazed.  The dentist said "keep up the good work!"   After going to him for the past 10 years, he has never said that before.  I attribute it to the ORMUS toothpaste.

A special acknowledgement and thank you to William and your work/service in making such a wonderful product available for us all.

Maxine Wash DC

Dear Billy,  I love this toothpaste! I like all the natural ingredients in it for one thing and have been looking for a good toothpaste without fluoride.  The taste is very good!  I'm used to having baking soda in my toothpaste which this has, but the mintiness is very good, just the right flavor!  I have been using it for about a week now.  My teeth seem to look whiter or something I've noticed since I've been using it, more "glowing" is the only way I can think to describe it.   It seems to clean better than any other toothpaste I have used in the past.

Patrice Reynolds
North Omstead, Ohio 

On Sep 21, 2013, at 5:59 PM
Commander Lorenzo wrote:

Perhaps you would like to know about the one complaint I have about your product.  Been using it about one year now and besides the missing periodontal disease and the lack of plaque crusted on my teeth I would like to point out another short coming.

My old Lady and me brush once a day.  That means we go to bed with three meals of stuff left in our mouths. Regular toothpaste allows fuzz to grow to the point we used breath mints just to get through the day.

In the morning our mouths tasted like camels had tromped through it all night so it was easy to tell we needed to brush our teeth in the morning. Your toothpaste has caused us to forget to brush our teeth in the morning since we have no fuzz when we get up the next morning.  Then we have to try and remember if we brushed our teeth in the morning and it seems that we can not tell since our mouths still seem to be fresh.  It is truly frustrating to not be able to tell if you have brushed your teeth.                                                                       Larry

P.S. Your tooth paste resolved periodontal disease and lowered plaque on teeth between dentist cleanings such that I no longer feel sorry for the hygienist that works on my teeth  

Dear Larry, Thanks for your comical feedback. Sounds like your mouth is becoming relatively free of flouride and glycerine. Both block the absorption of Ormus, calcium, boron and magnesium,and  all the other minerals your body is sending into your mouth to repair and remineralize your teeth and their connection to bone structure. So now, instead of depositing on the outside of the teeth as a home for  plaque, they are being used to do what the body intended-healing your mouth. I wish you every continued success.



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